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Do you enjoy taking your car off road and seeing some of the more remote parts of the region? Some of these tracks can be a bit extreme for the average off roader so at Fulcrum we specialise is fitting street legal Townsville 4wd lift kits to most makes and models of car. We can provide varying levels of lift and the beauty of our products is that they are devised in kit form meaning we have taken the hassle out of working out which parts fit on what cars for the purpose of fitting 4wd lift kits.

All of our Townsville 4wd lift kits are installed to the strictest legal specifications and all are 100% road legal meaning no problems with police or insurance companies.

We also assemble all of our 4wd lift kits from only the leading suspension components manufacturers meaning they are strong and durable.

Townsville 4wd lift kits can be made for almost all car manufacturers and they are all expertly fitted to your vehicle at our Townsville 4wd lift kits centre by trained engineers who really know their stuff when it comes to these products. Bu fitting one of our 4wd lift kits you can turn your car into a go-anywhere off road machine that will be able to tackle terrain that the standard car wouldn't have a hope of attempting. Better yet, because our 4wd lift kits are made from products assembled from the worlds best suspension component manufacturers your newly 4wd lift kits fitted vehicle will cope with the off roading easily.

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4wd lift kits Townsville
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Townsville 4wd lift kits
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Street legal 4wd lift kits
Check out our range of 4wd lift kits available in our Townsville & Cairns stores where you can make your 4wd tailor made to suit your driving needs. With our street legal products you’ll appreciate how they can transform your 4wd into an unstoppable machine.
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Cairns & Townsville suspension experts
The harsh conditions even on the roads in Townsville & Cairns create a massive strain on your vehicles shock absorbers and suspension components. Thanks to the professionalism of our dedicated team your car’s suspension will be tailored to suit our environment.
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Quality products & product knowledge
All your steering and suspension repairs & upgrades, wheel alignments and expert advice. See us about our range of suspension servicing options including the most comprehensive FREE multipoint suspension check in the industry.
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Free multipoint suspension check
Our service Centres are Townsville and Cairns’ number 1 suspension specialists. See us about our range of suspension servicing options including the most comprehensive FREE multipoint suspension check in the industry with an obligation free repair quote.
We are your local Cairns and Townsville suspension specialist outlet with a nationwide buying network and a range of genuine products and accessories to get your car running efficiently. Whether you need Cairns suspension advice for private or fleet vehicles we can offer realistic options to maintenance items along with performance upgrades. Our Townsville suspension centre has been established for many years and has always focussed on getting customers cars running smoothly. We also have a great Cairns shock absorbers service centre that helps customers get great handling and safety on our unique road network. Similarly our Townsville shock absorbers workshop can get your car handling perfectly and also save you money on unnecessary tyre wear. It isn’t only suspension work though, our class leading Cairns power steering services are second to none and we can help with routine servicing to full overhauls and even replacements. The same great range of products and services are offered with our dedicated Townsville power steering service and repair workshop where we cater to the needs of our commercial and domestic customers who all rely on us keeping their vehicles running safely and efficiently. If you need Cairns wheel alignments or Townsville wheel alignments you should see the amazing technology we now have on offer in both cities to accurately setup your cars suspension geometry so that it stays as the manufacturer intended - doing so regularly will save you money on unnecessary tyre wear and even fuel economy. For the more extreme customers we provide the best Townsville 4wd lift kits in the region and fit these within legal requirements while also helping setup the car so it can handle the toughest off road expedition. We also have a huge customer base of Cairns 4wd lift kits patrons who equip their machines to handle the toughest tracks the cape and beyond have to throw at them.
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