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For the best range in Cairns & Townsville - 4wd lift kits and all 4wd utes or SUV suspension products

4WD lift kits make real sense when you’re out bush or tackling the Cape in 4wd that may not go the distance. More clearance is something every 4wder is looking for and the best way to get it is by installing a lift kit.

Installing a lift kit has some excellent advantages, yes it looks tougher but will also be able to handle the tougher terrain, get over the bumps, take you where your off-road dreams may lead and can help you survive the trip with nil damage to the 4wd. A lift kit will enable you to get bigger tyres which will make it beneficial for getting your diffs higher off the ground stopping the annoying bottoming out that will invariably occur.

Then your lift kit will help your traverse the hills when there is a high centre and enable you to clear it without bottoming out.

Getting through the mud is also vital when tackling those deep ruts. A 4wd with a lift kit provides better levels of flex when tackling the deeper ruts ensuring a safer exit at the other end…and again without the damage.

Our professional and knowledgeable team at Fulcrum will provide the best solution so you too can maximize the enjoyment and serviceability of any 4wd

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Springs and ride heights for your 4WD

When selecting springs always inspect the vehicle carefully - never order a set of springs for a 4x4 vehicle without inspecting the vehicle first and qualifying the use of the vehicle and the accessories fitted. Also check whether other accessories will be added in the future (e.g. bull bar, winch, roof rack, draw system, long range fuel tank, water tank, rear tyre carrier etc). It may be necessary to mix and match (standard height and raised) springs front to rear to suit the loads the vehicle carries.

You need to be aware that coil springs generally provide a 10mm lift over New Vehicle Original Ride Height for Standard (Std) height, and 40mm lift over New Vehicle Original Ride Height for Raised (Rsd) height. The heights are for unladen applications. Torsion Bars must be reset to achieve the required height. Replacement Torsion bars are designed to improve handling and carry constant load increases. eg. bull bar and winch. Leaf Springs generally provide a 40 to 50mm lift over new vehicle original ride heights unless otherwise specified. All heights listed are a generalisation only and can vary depending on the vehicle type, condition and age of the vehicle, accessories fitted etc.

Airbag suspension for your 4WD

Airbags suit a wide range of vehicles with all sorts of suspension whether it be in between the leaf/axle and chassis, inside a coil spring and even a full coil.

In the light and heavy vehicle markets airbags are used in conjunction with the existing suspension to eliminate spring sag and provide stability to your vehicle when towing or carrying uneven loads.

If your vehicle tows or carries uneven loads causing the rear to sag then you need to drive safe and can level up with an airbag.

By installing airbags to your vehicle you can take advantage of many features and benefits which include adjustable levelling control, eliminating spring sag, safer load carrying, better braking, improved steering & handling, stabilise body roll, prevents bottoming out, excellent ride quality, reduced tyre wear & lower maintenance costs.


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Engineered by the worlds leading brands. Fully installed and setup legally and safely by the professional Fulcrum Suspension team. Our lowering kits come with a manufacturer backed warranty and have been proven to make your car look and handle great while also providing high levels of safety and comfort.
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The harsh conditions even on the roads in Townsville & Cairns create a massive strain on your vehicles shock absorbers and suspension components. Thanks to the professionalism of our dedicated team your car’s suspension will be tailored to suit our environment.
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Our service Centres are Townsville and Cairns’ number 1 suspension specialists. See us about our range of suspension servicing options including the most comprehensive FREE multipoint suspension check in the industry with an obligation free repair quote.
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All your steering and suspension repairs & upgrades, wheel alignments and expert advice. See us about our range of suspension servicing options including the most comprehensive FREE multipoint suspension check in the industry.
We are your local Cairns and Townsville suspension specialist outlet with a nationwide buying network and a range of genuine products and accessories to get your car running efficiently. Whether you need Cairns suspension advice for private or fleet vehicles we can offer realistic options to maintenance items along with performance upgrades. Our Townsville suspension centre has been established for many years and has always focussed on getting customers cars running smoothly. We also have a great Cairns shock absorbers service centre that helps customers get great handling and safety on our unique road network. Similarly our Townsville shock absorbers workshop can get your car handling perfectly and also save you money on unnecessary tyre wear. It isn’t only suspension work though, our class leading Cairns power steering services are second to none and we can help with routine servicing to full overhauls and even replacements. The same great range of products and services are offered with our dedicated Townsville power steering service and repair workshop where we cater to the needs of our commercial and domestic customers who all rely on us keeping their vehicles running safely and efficiently. If you need Cairns wheel alignments or Townsville wheel alignments you should see the amazing technology we now have on offer in both cities to accurately setup your cars suspension geometry so that it stays as the manufacturer intended - doing so regularly will save you money on unnecessary tyre wear and even fuel economy. For the more extreme customers we provide the best Townsville 4wd lift kits in the region and fit these within legal requirements while also helping setup the car so it can handle the toughest off road expedition. We also have a huge customer base of Cairns 4wd lift kits patrons who equip their machines to handle the toughest tracks the cape and beyond have to throw at them.
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